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Both Lima and Fava Beans are Legumes and the Genus is Fabaceae. They do not taste the same. The Fava bean is much firmer in texture when cooked than the Lima bean. Lima beans are much softer. I personally like both but some people do not like how soft Lima are. Both beans are better when fresh.


The Lima Bean originated in South America, believed Guatemala, and the Family name is: Phaseolus lunatus. The Broad Bean or Fava Bean originated in Northern Africa, it's family name is: Vicia faba. Both Lima and Fava Beans are Legumes and the Genus is Fabaceae. They do not taste the same.


Allison B., Sunnyvale, CA Fava beans are tan, flat beans which resemble lima beans. However the favas have a very strong flavor, quite bitter at times. Their skins are very tough and must be removed by blanching before you cook them.


Broad beans or fava beans are large flat beans that are somewhat like a Lima bean in appearance. They have been cultivated as staple food sources for many thousands of years, including by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks; as well as in Britain, Sicily, and Spain.


Fava Beans Versus Lima Beans - Side-by-Side Nutritional Comparison of Fava Beans and Lima Beans. main content. Live Healthy & Happy. Start; Food Tracker. A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a food diary may double your weight loss efforts.


In the Oxford dictionary on my computer, "butter bean" is "a lima bean, especially one of a variety with large flat white seeds that are usually dried." Lima bean is defined as "an edible flat whitish bean, Phaseolus lunatus (or limensis)" so in other words, it seems that lima beans are not in the V. faba species or even genus.


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If you’re looking at making a fresh fava bean recipe outside of spring, your best bet is to use frozen fava beans or use fresh/frozen lima beans as a substitute. Dried fava beans, when cooked and peeled, have a texture similar to cooked chickpeas but slightly softer. Unlike fresh fava beans, dried can be enjoyed year-round.


Lima and Butter Beans - The difference between butter beans and lima beans is based on the size of the pods and seeds. The small-seeded, butter beans tolerate more heat, but ... Fava bean plants grow about waist high and have long, broad pods of a waxy, green ... A Short Course in Beans.doc


Borlotti, fava, and lima beans and the kind you might find sold fresh—as in just picked, straight from the plant, still in their pods—at a farmer’s market. It is highly unlikely that you’d find lentils sold fresh at a farmer’s market unless you live in a very agriculturally diverse area. Roasted or Cooked