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Fault-block mountains often result from rifting, an indicator of extensional tectonics.These can be small or form extensive rift valley systems, such as the East African Rift zone. Death Valley in California is a smaller example. There are two main types of block mountains; uplifted blocks between two faults and tilted blocks mainly controlled by one fault.


fault-block mountains Mountains or ranges that result from the upthrow of large fault blocks and that are separated from others by basins or troughs, producing an upland unit bounded by normal or reversed faults. It is classically developed in the Great Basin, Utah, USA, where a typical block is tilted and bounded by a steep fault scarp on one side and a by a more gentle dip slope on the other.


Fault-block mountain: Mountain that forms along a normal fault where stress causes huge blocks of rock to tilt up.


Fault-block mountains are formed by the movement of large crustal blocks when forces in the Earth’s crust pull it apart. Some parts of the Earth are pushed upward and others collapse down. #N#To ...


Block Mountains id defined as the result of faulting caused by tensile and compressive forces motored by endogenetic forces coming from within the earth, also known as fault block mountains. Block mountains repre­sent the upstanding parts of the ground between two faults or on either side of a rift valley or a graben.


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Writing in 1976 for The Ore Bin, a publication of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, two geologists described it this way: "Steens Mountain, in Harney County, is Oregon's highest and scenically grandest fault-block mountain.It extends in a northeasterly direction for about 50 miles and rises at its highest point to 9,733 feet above sea level.

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Fault block definition is - a body of rock bounded by faults.


Fault block definition, a mass of rock bounded on at least two opposite sides by faults. See more.


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