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For some people, eating gluten-free is a necessity. But for those who think “gluten-free” means weight loss-friendly, beware the health halo. A pretzel offers very little in the nutrition department — gluten-free, organic, or otherwise — and it’s easy to fall for the claims.


Between the one-of-a-kind flavor and crispy texture of ROLD GOLD® pretzels, you just might fall in love with this golden-baked snack all over again every time you take a break. Try them with peanut butter, hummus or on their own to take your break to a whole new level!


But they’re lower in calories and fat – only 1 gram per serving compared to 10 grams in greasy potato chips. Most of us eat on average 1.5 pounds of pretzels every year. In honor of National Pretzel Day, here are seven tips to help you pick the healthiest pretzel hard or soft – your call. Keep the ingredient list short, and not too sweet.


4/5 experts say no. You might think pretzels are the best nutritional choice from the vending machine, since they’re typically free of (or low in) fat. But here’s a twist: pretzels aren’t a ...


Pretzels are crunchy, low in fat and portable, but they're not necessarily healthy. A quick glance at the nutrition label on a package of pretzels reveals that they're quite low in fat, but many consumers choose to stop there and opt for pretzels as a supposedly healthy snack.


Eat your low-salt pretzels with a healthy food, such as raw vegetables, hummus or fat-free yogurt. Portion your hard pretzels in snack-sized plastic bags to take to the office or to keep in the car as a snack. If you eat soft, baked pretzels, eat only half to conserve calories and give the other half to a friend.


Pretzels are one of best snacks when it comes to fat content. A 100-gram serving of hard pretzels, or about 16 pretzels depending on their size, has just three grams of total fat and no cholesterol. A significant amount of the fat -- 88 percent -- consists of healthy unsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol.


High in protein, low in fat, these vegan soft pretzels are hearty and delicious. You can be enjoying them in less than an hour! Happy 2019! I’m really off to a late start this year thanks to a lot of non-edible stuff happening in my life. Some of it involves saying goodbye to one canine family ...


If you're hungry and don't have the time to prepare a better snack, there's nothing unhealthy about grabbing just a few pretzels or peanuts or a handful of popcorn to tide you over until you can sit down to eat a full meal. There's nothing to feel guilty about unless you overdo it.


If you’re like me, pretzels aren’t just a food, they’re a snacking way of life. I decided that if I couldn’t break my addiction to the snack, I at least needed to branch out and stop eating them straight from the bag. This salty snack has awesome potential as a versatile ingredient, and it’s time to give it a shot.