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If you’re currently hunting for the right college and are set on a career in fashion, the options can be overwhelming. To help you on your way, Fashionista has ranked the 50 best fashion schools ...


The College of Arts & Sciences offers several programs for aspiring fashion designers. Offerings include a BA in Fashion Design, a BA/BS Dual Degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising, a BA/BBA Dual Degree in Fashion Design and General Business-Entrepreneurship, and a BA/BS in Fashion Design and Marketing.


Colleges with Excellent Programs in Fashion Design - Fashion design has always attracted the fearless and the fierce. Students can hone thei...


To help students find the right school, we analyzed each fashion design school and college in the country based on our methodology to compile this list of the best options. Explore the top fashion design schools and colleges for 2017 here.


The Bottom Line: One of the most respected design schools in the world, their profile as a fashion design school is only getting rosier. This is a pure design school. This is a pure design school.


Renowned Fashion Colleges It is compulsory to study the fashion degree from recognized and renowned fashion colleges to have an edge over others in the job market. Studying from famous fashion colleges makes it possible to work for fashion giants such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Giorgio Armani and GAP.


There are 4 accredited fashion design schools in Michigan for faculty who teach fashion design classes to choose from. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of fashion design and fashion design training in Michigan, which includes fashion design training at the ...


Our third college is located in Boston and was founded in 1873. Total enrollment in fall of 2016 was just under 2,000 students. The college created its fashion design program in 1907, making it one of the longest-running fashion programs in the U.S.


Your Fashion Design courses will also teach the planning, problem-solving, communication, and self-promotion skills required for careers in fashion design. All around you will be other talented, creative, and inspiring individuals, with whom you can form long lasting personal and professional relationships.


Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College offers programs in fashion design, fashion creation and technology, marketing and accessories and textiles. Bunka is known for its Japanese avant-garde designs as well as its more academic marketing and technology courses and is home to 8,000 students spread across its two colleges.