Indonesia is famous for its great vacation destinations, among which are Jakarta, Krakatau, Bali and Borneo. Jakarta, the colossal capital of Indonesia, is home to 10 million people as of 2014. This is the economic hub o... More »

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Indonesia is a country that is located in Asia. More specifically, Indonesia is in Southeast Asia, just north of Australia. It shares borders with other Asian countries including Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia

Indonesia is an archipelago located in the eastern hemisphere between Southeast Asia and Australia. The country shares borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. Other neighboring landmasses include Singapor... More »

Indonesia is located in southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The nation is comprised of 17,000 islands from east to west, encompassing roughly 742,000 square miles. Land borders are shared with East Timo... More »

Bali is an island situated at the western side of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is between the island of Java to the west and the island of Lombok on the east. Bali is a province of Indonesia. More » Geography Asia Southeast Asia