Famous landmarks in Florida include the Kennedy Space Center, Everglades National Park, Walt Disney World Resort and the Florida Keys. Other well-known sites are Miami, Discovery Cove and West Palm Beach. The state of Fl... More »

Some of the most well-known landmarks in Sweden are government buildings, including Stockholm City Hall, the Parliament Building and Town Hall. A number of castles, palaces and museums are also famous landmarks. More »

One of the most famous attractions in the Dominican Republic is El Limon, a waterfall located in a mountainous region just outside of Samana. The waterfall is 120 feet high, according to Ministerio de Turismo de Repúblic... More »

Florida is famous for many things including being the home to the world-renowned Walt Disney World, the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Kennedy Space Center. It is also famous for its hurricanes and warm weather. More »

Some of the major landforms in Florida include the Atlantic Coastal Plains, Everglades, East Gulf Coastal Plains, Florida Uplands, Big Cypress Swamp and the Florida Keys, with the largest being Key Largo. Florida is a pe... More »

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There are many people who live in Florida that are famous, including, as of 2014, former professional basketball player Larry Bird and singer-songwriter Bob Seger. New York Times bestselling author Dr. Robin Cook also li... More »

Some things for tourists to do near or in Homestead, Florida, include visiting sites such as Coral Castle, Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park and Fruit and Spice Park, notes VisitFlorida.com. Visitors to Ho... More »