Some famous jewelry designers include Neil Lane, Harry Winston, Cartier, Piaget and Tiffany Jewelers. Many famous jewelery designers craft special designs for wealthy celebrities.

The "FB" stamp that is found on some jewelry is the initials of the designer Francois Borgel. The stamp is usually followed by a picture of a key.

Some common jewelry marks are metal stamps, which indicate the purity of the metal used in a piece of jewelry, and manufacturer or designer logos. Jewelry marks are used to provide information about pieces of jewelry.


One tip for buying jewelry is for the buyer to avoid prestige jeweler names whenever possible. The name of a popular jeweler on silver jewelry may cause the price to skyrocket, even though the buyer could purchase an equ...

Estate jewelry is jewelry that is previously owned. Estate jewelry is often vintage or antique, but the term can be applied to any secondhand jewelry, regardless of era.

The number 925 on jewelry shows how much sterling silver is present in the piece. The number describes the parts per thousand. This specific number is most often present on silver flatware, jewelry and tea sets.

The jewelry marks of popular American jewelers include the long oval that encloses Schreiner at the top and New York at the bottom that is the mark of Henry Schreiner. A shorter oval that encloses DeMario is the jeweler'...