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Famous for being famous is a pejorative term for someone who attains celebrity status for no particularly identifiable reason (as opposed to fame based on achievements, skill, or talent) and appears to generate his or her own fame, or someone who achieves fame through a family or relationship association with an existing celebrity.


These largely talentless celebrities are famous for being famous, but they've been popular far longer than the 15 minutes of fame they deserve.


Some people are famous for being famous, but then there’s Nicky Hilton. She is not famous for being famous, not for being outrageous (she’s actually quite intelligent and too sensible to do stuff like that), but she simply got too caught up with her elder sister, who you might know as Paris Hilton.


In his new art documentary Famous for Being Famous, 22-year-old filmmaker Will Rebein, a student at FIT, explores the rise of these "famous for being famous" types, who seemed to climb the ranks ...


The Famous for Being Famous trope as used in popular culture. When someone is a celebrity simply because he or she is well-known — and little else. The Famous for Being Famous trope as used in popular culture. When someone is a celebrity simply because he or she is well-known — and little else.


What do they do? Sure, some of them have modeled, started a fashion line or gotten a television show out of their sudden fame, but it still seems that there is an abundance of celebrities in the news these days that are famous for nothing more than being famous. Read on to see our list of 20 celebs famous for nothing than being famous.


5. Farrah Abraham. Farrah Abraham is the trashiest of those who have been described as famous for being famous. She got her start on the reality TV show “Teen Mom” and, just like any girl desperate for an extra 15-minutes of fame, she’s constantly looking for new ways to prolong her stay in the public eye.

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famous with no discernible justification; having a fame that feeds solely on itself rather than any talent or other personal merit


Everyone thinks that being famous is awesome, but when I think about it, I just don’t get it. Sure, you might get rich and might not have to worry about paying your bills anymore, but like P Diddy used to say in the Puff Daddy days, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” No amount of money in the ...


Today, celebrity rules our world. Famous names and famous faces sell us products, push social change and tell us whom to vote for. Politics itself has become an exercise in showmanship. Ever since John F. Kennedy’s youthful glow won him the 1960 run against Richard Nixon, the figure of the celebrity politician has become more ubiquitous. To ...