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A family tendency relates to the presence of a disease or condition in the parents or grandparents of an individual. This statistically increases a person's likelihood of being affected by the same condition.


A family trait is a genetic likeness that is passed through parents' genes to their children. Most specific traits are passed directly from one parent. Genetic disorders are also traits that can be passed from a parent to a child.


A behavioral trait is an action commonly observed in individuals throughout a species, such as human beings laughing and smiling or cats grooming themselves. In animals, such traits are generally ascribed to instinct, though they can often be modified. In humans, behavioral traits are often learned


Learned traits are behaviors that result from the influence of one's environment, as opposed to inherent traits, which are passed down automatically in one's DNA. A common learned trait is the use of language. People develop this trait over time by observing others communicating and learning structu


Character traits are distinguishing characteristics of a person or group that can be used descriptively. They can refer to personality or physical traits a person or group possesses.


In psychology, core character traits are considered to be extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience, according to the five-factor theory. The "Big Five" encompass a spectrum of more specific traits that are determined according to whether a person posses


Culture is defined by attributes such as social sharing, religion, history, language, economics, arts, music and government. These characteristics affect how people live their lives in the Western culture, Eastern culture, in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.


A habitable room is one that is used for living, sleeping, eating or cooking. Bathrooms, hallways, storage rooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms and corridors are not considered habitable rooms.


Some characteristics of Latino family culture include valuing the needs of the family over the needs of the individual and ensuring the continuation of Spanish language. Another cultural feature of Latino families is their hierarchical structure and stratification by age and gender.


Your natural traits, those unique characteristics that you were born with, will impact the way you study and complete your assignments. Hoxton / Tom Merton / Getty Images We all like to take tests that tell us something about ourselves. There are many assessment tools available online that are based