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The median income for family lawyers was $110,000 a year in 2010. The median starting income for a family lawyer in May 2011 was $48,353 to $77,968.


A lawyer is a person who is educated in the law and has received the necessary qualifications to practice law. Lawyers performs many tasks, including drafting wills and contracts, providing legal advice and representing their clients in court. There are several kinds of lawyers, each of them special


The median annual income for lawyers in the United States in 2012 was just over $113,000. The income for lawyers ranged from $54,000 to higher than $187,000. The industry with the highest salary for lawyers is finance.


Family law addresses the rules, regulations and court processes involving the family unit, according to an article on FindLaw. As such, family law deals with marriage, divorce, property obligations, paternity, and child custody and support. It also handles adoption, guardianship, domestic partnershi


Free legal aid from a family law attorney can be found locally through the state court's resources, legal aid non-profit organizations, government agencies that specialize in family-related issues such as local child support agencies, law schools' free clinics and state-sponsored resolution dispute


Some different types of lawyers include estate lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers and corporate lawyers, according to Legal Zoom. There are many different areas of the law due to the fact that the legal field is so complex, so many lawyers choose to deal specifically in one area of


Some common family law questions include the following: "What are grounds for divorce?;" "How are assets legally divided in a divorce?;" and "What is joint custody?" according to the American Bar Association. Other questions include, "How is child support determined?" and "Do grandparents have visit


Those looking for free family law legal advice can call their local legal aid office or ask the judge assigned to their cases to appoint a legal aid lawyer to represent them, LawHelp.org explains. There are many legal aid offices located throughout the United States. Most legal aid offices are nonpr


Some benefits of being a lawyer include making an above-average salary, an average chance of finding employment and the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics, the average pay for lawyers is $113,000 a year as of 2014.


There are established resources for obtaining reliable lawyer reviews such as Martindale-Hubbell Ratings Services. Martindale-Hubbell features peer reviews of lawyers as well as a client review feature. Clients are confirmed and then they can anonymously rate their experiences with lawyers after the