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Family law attorneys handle cases ranging from adoption and foster care to domestic violence and child abuse, explains FindLaw. They also help in cases of divorce, paternity, reproductive rights, emancipation and domestic partnerships.


As of 2015, the average hourly rate for divorce attorney is $250 per hour, according to Nolo. Nolo readers reported paying an average of $12,800 in attorneys' fees during a divorce.


A power of attorney gives one party the authority to act on behalf of another as his agent and can make legal and life decisions on their behalf according to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. Power of attorney can take effect immediately or on a future date associated


The average cost for a probation attorney depends the complexity of the case, how far the attorney would need to travel for court appearances and hearings and the experience of the attorney. Consumer Reports surveyed its readers and reported the median legal fee for criminal cases was $1,500.


A medical power of attorney is a document providing instructions for medical care in case a patient becomes too ill to speak. According to the American Bar Association, an agent who has been given medical power of attorney for a patient has the right to make his health care decisions.


An elder law attorney specializes in legal matters that affect older or disabled people. The majority of his work includes planning long-term care, health care issues, guardianship and retirement, according to FindLaw.


Websites that allow users to find attorneys who specialize in family inheritance include Lawyers.com and Nolo. Lawyers.com allows users to search by state, while Nolo offers the option to search by type of practice.


A financial power of attorney is a document that designates a trusted friend, family member or attorney to handle financial decisions that a person can no longer make on his own. Without a power of attorney, family members would have to go through court proceedings to appoint a conservator to handle


A legal aid attorney is a lawyer who provides free legal services to people who cannot otherwise pay for legal advice or representation in court. Legal aid generally concerns non-criminal proceedings, as stated by USLegal.


Power of attorney does not make an agent liable for the principal's debts, explains Neal Frankle for Wealth Pilgrim. However, if agents are irresponsible or fail to heed their principal's instructions, they may be held liable for any debts that may result, warns Nolo.