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Since 2005, Mark Palmer's Ambigram artwork has been tattooed millions of times all over the world. His Ambigram lettering style is mind-blowing and unmistakable - often imitated but never duplicated. Mark's Ambigram artwork is widely considered the most tattooed artwork on the planet.


The common ambigram examples include family-forever, life-death, love-hate, hope-faith, sinner-saint and so on. Ambigram tattoos became much more popular when it was prominently featured in Dan Brown‘s bestselling novel, Angels & Demons. Here are my collections of 40+ Cool Ambigram Tattoo Ideas which can help to make your own ambigram tattoos.


Family / Forever Ambigram Tattoo Instant Download (Design + Stencil) STYLE: Bionic. Family / Forever Ambigram Tattoo Instant Download (Design + Stencil) STYLE: Bionic. Regular price $9.99 Sale price $9.99 Sale. Family / Forever Ambigram Tattoo Instant Download (Design + Stencil) STYLE: D ...


45 Rare Ambigram Tattoos Designs & Meanings – For Men & Women (2019) ... Family Forever Ambigram Tattoo. This another cool Ambigram tattoo. It brings out the message of togetherness as a family. The main word is family but when read from behind; the word together can be formed. It is in the same category as the hope faith Ambigram tattoo.


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More Tattoo Ideas: family forever ambigram faith hope ambigram two word ambigram love hate ambigram life death ambigram ambigram for girls ambigram name mother daughter ambigram. Tattoomaze. 2 Word Ambigram Tattoos Family. ... If you like 2 Word Ambigram Tattoos Family, you might love these ideas.


Mark Palmer is The Ambigram Artist. If you've got an ambigram tattoo, it's probably Mark's. Family / Forever ambigram tattoo design available at: https://www...


The letters in the ambigram are designed in such a way to give any word included in the tattoo a nice, natural look without muddling up the opposite side of the design. Some ambigram tattoos have classic designs that have been used by many people, while others are created by the people getting these tats.


Friends are nice but family is forever. 32. Family Tree Tattoos. This is a beautiful family tree with the date of birth of each family member. 33. Family Chest Tattoos. This is a very captivating family tattoo which depicts the beautiful spirit of a family. 34. Family Word Tattoo . This is an ambigram family tattoo that looks so cool and ...


Best Answer: Personally I'm not a fan of ambigram tattoos. But that's just me. You could of course change it by using a different font, adding an image, putting it in a ribbon, etc, etc, etc. Or think about what is special about your family. Do you all go to church every Sunday followed by lunch at your ...