Fallopian tubes are crucial for fertility and reproduction, explains Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Sperm travel into the Fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg, and the fertilized egg then travels along the Fallopian tube b... More »

It is possible to ovulate and get pregnant with one fallopian tube if the tube has a corresponding ovary, according to Mayo Clinic. The ovulation process is the same as when a woman has two fallopian tubes. More »

Because blocked fallopian tubes often do not have symptoms, doctors find them with a type of X-ray called an HSG, or hysterosalpingogram, says About.com. This procedure involves injecting a dye into the female reproducti... More »

Fallopian tubes can be unblocked naturally with fertility cleansing, systemic enzyme therapy, abdominal or fertility massage, castor oil therapy or with herbal therapy, according to Natural Fertility Info. To determine w... More »

Fertility cleansing, systematic enzyme therapy, fertility massage, castor oil therapy and herbal therapies are all natural remedies used to help treat blocked Fallopian tubes, according to The Natural Fertility Company. ... More »

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When a mature ovum is released from one of a woman's ovaries, tiny projections on the fallopian tubes collect the ovum and place it inside the fallopian tube. The ovum is then pushed through the tube by peristaltic contr... More »

The function of a test tube brush is the clean test tubes used in a science laboratory. Test tube brushes are also useful in cleaning aquarium tanks. They consist of twisted wire handles connected to bristles that are ma... More »