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Christian mom blogs are weblogs written by Christian mothers that typically explore the juxtaposition of the Christian life with being a mother and a wife. Each blog has its own style that fits the personality and focus of the author.


Single mom blogs are personal or group websites dedicated to providing information, life experiences and tips on living as a single mom. Most single mom blogs are managed by women who are single, so they share their experiences and help those who are starting out as single moms.


"Stay-at-home mom" blogs are blogs written by mothers who stay at home to raise their children rather than holding down paid jobs. As Jennifer Fulwiler of National Catholic Register makes clear, these blogs often allow the moms to self-identify as writers rather than just as moms, allowing them to f


A blog, also referred to as a weblog, is an informational site that consists of a single page of multiple entries known as posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. The posts in a blog come from either one author or multiple authors dubbed as bloggers. Blogs often cover a single subje


There are name generators that can help individuals name a blog. A good blog name should reflect the theme of the blog. A business-sounding URL may turn off prospective visitors, so a name that is more thematic than corporate usually works better.


The main purpose of a blog is communication. Blogs are used to keep a record of thoughts and events and can be used to connect to other people in various business and social contexts.


The Articles of Faith outline 13 basic beliefs of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joseph Smith wrote the Articles of Faith as a letter to a newspaper after John Wentworth asked him for information about his church. Modern church members use the Articles of Faith to explai


The definition of faith is to have confidence or believe in a person or thing. It is possible to have faith not only in a person, but also in an establishment. For example, a person can have faith in their favorite product or their government. Faith is also associated with religion; this is seen whe


The word "blog" is a truncated form of the expression "web log." This expression refers to websites, especially personal websites, that publish discrete "entries" and display them in reverse chronological order.


According to Oxford Dictionaries, the meaning of the word blog is "a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style." Many call the author of blogs a "blogger."