The first formal measurement of the Great Wall of China in 2012 revealed that the wall is 13,17 miles long, a number that includes all of its branches. This is more than twice as long as previously thought based on histo... More »

Construction on The Great Wall of China was started in approximately 220 B.C. as a means to prevent barbarian nomads from invading the Chinese Empire. As it never effectively prevented invasions, the Great Wall came to s... More »

The Great Wall of China is famous because it is an architectural feat of ancient China that is also the longest man-made wall in the world. The main purpose for building this structure was as a defensive fortification ag... More »

The main Great Wall of China stretches approximately 5,500 miles along the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. Explorer experts state that it takes 18 months to walk its entire length. It was constructed during the Ming dyn... More »

The Great Wall of China extends over 8,850 kilometers from northeastern to north-central China, including trenches and mountains in addition to a collection of wall sections. The main series of walls stretches from Shanh... More »

The Great Wall of China, at 3,915 miles long, is the longest structure ever built by human beings. Construction of the wall began over 2,000 years ago. It was built in several different sections over many centuries by Ch... More »

Although the precise number remains unresolved, approximately 3,873,000,000 individual bricks were used to construct the Great Wall of China. The binding material for the bricks was made from glutinous rice flour. More »