Some facts include: islands can be created by volcanic explosions, the largest island in the world is Greenland and Rhode Island is not a true island. The size of islands are constantly changing due to tides of the ocean... More »

One raccoon fact to tell kids is that they are mammals that are 24 to 38 inches long and weigh 14 to 40 pounds. They have grayish-brown fur with a black "mask" around their eyes and five to eight light and dark alternati... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

The 33 known species of rattlesnake are all native to North, Central or South America. They are one of the newest groups of species to evolve, as well as the most sophisticated. In addition to their potent venom and long... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Snakes

Greenland is the largest island on Earth at 839,999 square miles. Larger land masses surrounded by water such as Australia are continents, not islands. The next two largest islands are New Guinea at 309,000 square miles ... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

The Canadian Shield is a plateau that covers approximately half of Canada, as well as most of Greenland and a portion of the northern United States. It is the oldest part of the North American plate and the largest forma... More »

The Himalayas are home to the highest peak in the world: the 29,029-foot Mount Everest. Other peaks include Karakora, also known as K2, Annapurna, Kailash and Nanga Parbat. The mountain range is composed of the Lesser Hi... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon are that its oldest rocks date back two billion years, it represents one-third of Earth's history and it's not the biggest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon ranges in age from... More » Science Earth Science Landforms