The Volga River is the principal waterway of western Russia. It is 2,193 miles long, beginning northwest of Moscow in the Valdai Hills and ending at the Caspian Sea. More » Geography Bodies of Water

In terms of size, Russia is the largest country in the world and it encompasses a total area of approximately 6,601,700 square miles. This transcontinental nation is mainly situated in northern Asia and it stretches from... More »

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The Volga River is located entirely in Russia. With a length of 2,293 miles, this river is the longest in Europe. It originates in the northwest region of Moscow and runs through regions that include Kazan, Samara and Vo... More »

The Volga River is found in only one country: Russia. The river starts northwest of the city of Moscow, in the Valdei Hills, and then follows a path flowing north of Moscow, continues south and southeast, and ends at the... More »

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe. The river is 2,290 miles long and is located entirely in Russia. It begins in the Valdai Hills near Rzhev and flows south to the Caspian Sea. More »

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