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" He is an expert in solid-state physics, and during the day is a researcher at a Russell Group U. K. university.


Interesting Inner Core Facts: The temperature of the inner core is believed to be approximately 5400 degrees Celsius, or 5700 Kelvin. This heat is caused by three elements: residual heat from the formation of the earth, gravitational forces from the moon and the sun, and and radioactive decay of earth's inner elements.


The inner core is the fourth layer inside the Earth. It is a solid metallic ball made mainly of iron.Here, temperatures reach extraordinary levels, estimated to be between 7,200–8,500ºF (4,000–4,700ºC).


Earth's inner core is the innermost geologic layer of the Earth. It is primarily a solid ball with a radius of about 1,220 kilometres (760 miles), which is about 20% of the Earth's radius or 70% of the Moon's radius. There are no samples of the Earth's core available for direct measurement, as there are for the Earth's mantle.


Facts about Earth’s Core 7: the layers of inner core. The inner core is composed of two layers according to a Chinese scientist in 2015. Both are the outer inner core and inner core. Find facts about Earth’s Crust here. Facts about Earth’s Core 8: the inner core boundary. The inner core boundary has the temperature at 5400 degrees C or ...


The center of the Earth is made up of two layers, the outer core and the inner core. The outer core is the third layer of the Earth. It is the only liquid layer, and is mainly made up of the metals iron and nickel, as well as small amounts of other substances. The outer core is responsible for Earth’s magnetic field.As Earth spins on its axis, the iron inside the liquid outer core moves around.


The inner core is the Earth’s deepest layer, and it is a solid iron ball that is approximately 1,500 miles in diameter. Although it is extremely hot, the iron cannot melt due to the high pressure. The inner core also consists of nickel and sulfur and smaller amounts of elements other than iron.


The inner core of the Earth has a number of surprising properties. It's Almost The Size of the Moon. The Earth's inner core is surprisingly large, measuring 2,440 km (1,516 miles) across. It makes up 19 percent of the Earth's total volume, which makes it just 30 percent smaller than the moon.


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Although it is one of the smallest, the Inner Core is also the hottest layer. CompositionThe Inner Core is a solid ball composed of an element named NiFe. Ni for Nickel and Fe for Ferrum also known as Iron. TemperatureThe Inner Core is about 5000-6000 degrees Celsius. It melts all metal ores in the Outer Core causing it to turn into liquid magma.