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There are multiple possible fastest animals in the sea due to the difficulty of measuring animal movement speeds in the open ocean; however, the fastest verified animal is the sailfish, whose leaps can propel it up to 68 miles per hour. Other contenders are the black marlin and swordfish.


The largest sea animal is the blue whale, which is also the heaviest animal on Earth. The blue whale weighs over 200 tons and can grow to 100 feet. Blue whales are magnificent marine mammals that have tongues as heavy as elephants and hearts as large as automobiles.


Some unusual types of sea animals include the siphonophores, colonies of animals that superficially resemble jellyfish; sea anemones, animals that look like flowers; and the sea mouse, which is a bristly worm. Siphonophores are especially notable as among the longest creatures on earth.


Several types of animals live in or around the Caribbean Sea including birds, reptiles, whales, amphibians and sharks. The Caribbean is home to endangered creatures as well as those that live in abundance.


The entire lifespan of a house fly is 14 days, and they only buzz in the key of F. Ostriches are even faster than horses.


Some cool animal facts include the fact that the cheetah can run as fast as 70 miles per hour, which is the speed assigned to most highways throughout the United States. In fact, cheetahs can reach the high speed as quickly as most cars can, which is within 3 seconds, according to the Cheetah Conser


The Red Sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean that separates northeastern Africa from Asia minor. Specifically, the Red Sea borders Saudi Arabia and Yemen on its eastern shore and Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti on its western shore. The Red Sea has one of the highest salt concentrations of any bod


Banded coral shrimp, blue tang, yellowtail damselfish, parrot fish and green moray eel live in the Caribbean Sea. Giant adult clams also live in the sea and attach themselves to the coral reefs. These clams grow up to 4 feet long and weigh 500 pounds at maturity.


The Cheloniidae, or scute-shelled sea turtles, are a group of seven species with life spans ranging up to 75 years in captivity. Leatherbacks, which have shells covered in tough skin rather than scutes, live at least to 30 years on average.


The Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act are examples of legislation in the United States that involve animal rights. In addition every state has laws on animal cruelty to protect animals from abuse and neglect.