One interesting fact about quails is that the term “quail” is not scientific. It is used to describe 31 species of bird within the family Odontophoridae as well as the 15 species within the family Phasianidae. Quails are... More »

Quail hunting season is an exciting time for the many hunters who enjoy the practice. Rules regulating aspects of the practice such as when and where to hunt are essential to a safe and high-yielding seasons. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure

Tips for raising bobwhite quail includes storing eggs in a clean incubator able to provide constant temperature control and providing chicks with moisture absorbent litter. Litters that contain sawdust may produce respir... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Quails should be housed somewhere warm, dry and windproof, such as a rabbit hutch and run. They like having low-level perches to sit on. Their hutch should be roofed with something soft to prevent them from injuring them... More » Pets & Animals Birds

One fun fact about blue jays is that they are not really blue. The blue jay’s feathers lay in such a way that humans see a blue color when the light strikes them. They are also very common and live in many types of habit... More »

Canadian geese travel in V-formations and can cover a distance of 1,500 miles in 24 hours with optimal winds. Canadian geese are noisy. They start to make peeping noises from within their eggs and develop 13 different ca... More » Pets & Animals Birds

American Robins, Turdus Migratorius, are the largest birds in the thrush family and live throughout North America. They measure an average of 10 inches with a 12-15 inch wingspan and weigh around three ounces. They are t... More » Pets & Animals Birds