The pteranodon is a species of an extinct suborder of flying or gliding reptiles known as pterasaurs. The name pteranodon means "toothless wing," referring to the fact that these winged animals had no teeth. More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

Hawks are some of nature's most efficient predators, possessing razor-sharp beaks and talons that are perfectly adapted for hunting prey. They are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica. More »

Yeast is a microscopic life form related to fungi. It's eukaryotic, which means that the nucleus and other organelles are protected by a membrane. Bakers generally use two types of yeast: dry or compressed. More »

The wingspan of the largest species of pteranodon (the term employed by working paleontologists as opposed to the culturally popular term "pterodactyl") was up to 30 feet. This wingspan is much larger than that of any mo... More »

Interesting facts about amphibians to tell kids include that they appeared earlier on the evolutionary ladder than reptiles, and there about 6,000 species worldwide. They were the first vertebrates to have four limbs, al... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians

The differences between a pterodactyl and a pteranodon include their size, the places where they were found and the periods when they thrived. The pterodactyl was native to Africa and Europe, while the pteranodon flouris... More »

According to LiveScience, which features the latest headlines on science news, the velociraptor was a carnivore that survived mainly on small animals, reptiles, amphibians and small dinosaurs. The protoceratops was also ... More »