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6 interesting facts about the Dimples and people who have it 1-Dimples on cheeks astrology. Dimples on cheeks have their own name in the dictionary. Yes, dimples appearing on cheeks are so important that we have a specific word allocated for them in our dictionaries!


Facts about Dimples talk about the indentation on the flesh parts of the body which include the chin or cheek. Even though it is considered as a physical deformity, many people love dimples. A dimple is also called as a gelasin. When you make a facial expression, the dimple usually will occur.


All people have many unique features on their bodies and sometimes, those features can be quite rare. Not many people have back dimples, which are often called "dimples of Venus." If you are the lucky individual who has them, you know for sure that people are making a lot of fuss about them. But, what are they exactly? What do people think of them?


26 Reasons Why Having Dimples Is The Cutest Deformity Ever. Those of us who are born with dimples, are part of a secret society that have been placed on earth to bring joy to all.


Many of us agree that people with dimples are very cute when they smile. But perhaps few of us know the science behind this. So why do only some people smile with a dimple (or two, most likely)? First of all, there are two types of dimples: chin and cheek dimples. We’ll be referring to the cheek ones here.


dimples | क्या आपके गालों पे "डिंपल"का निशान बनता है ??बधाई हो ! - Duration: 6:05. RANG-Astro 110,423 views


10 Interesting Facts about Back Dimples. ... And people with back dimples do not have any problems with their spine or any other medical condition. #6. Climaxing. Image Source: flickr. Women with back dimples are more satisfied sexually because they can climax easily than people who don’t have them. It is because of the positioning of the ...


Facts About People With Dimples And What Makes Them So Special. health. What makes dimpled people so special? Well, the solution lies in the question – dimpled people are unique! Some people spent half of their life wondering why do people get dimples on their cheeks when most of the people they see and know, don't. Now for all those who ...


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People can’t figure you out because although you look cute, you’re not a force to be reckon with. Your smile is more flawless. In addition to your face, dimples can enhance your smile as well. Even if you have crooked teeth, buck teeth, or spinach stuck between your teeth, your dimples takes the focus away on those things.