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In early versions of her story amongst the Ancient Greeks, Medusa was born as a gorgon, while later in antiquity, she was turned into one by the goddess Athena. In myth, looking at her turned people to stone. Medusa was a chthonic deity, meaning she lived underground, r...


According to Greek mythology, Medusa was an immortal Gorgon monster; however, in later accounts she was described as a beautiful, young girl who was later turned into a monster by Athena who was jealous of her. Medusa is described as having snakes in place of hair a...


Earth is the only planet that has liquid water on its surface, it is 93 million miles from the sun, and the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of the oceans. Earth is a unique planet in the solar system.


All fish are vertebrates, which means they have a backbone, and are cold-blooded, which means their internal temperature changes to match the temperature of their surroundings. There are 25,000 known species of fish, which is more than all the mammals, birds, reptiles a...


A couple of fun facts for kids about individual states include Alaska's status as the largest state in the nation, and Rhode Island's status as the smallest state. If placed on the continental United States, Alaska would encompass parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New M...


Italy has a population of more than 60 million people, and it is the fourth most populous country in Europe. About 10 percent of Italy's population is over the age of 65. Rome, the capital city, was founded in 753 B.C.


Some facts for kids about the Titanic include that it took the ship two hours and 40 minutes to sink after hitting the iceberg, and three dogs left the Titanic on a lifeboat with their owners. Another fact includes that the band played for hours while the ship sank.