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The Marine West Coast is known to have a variety of animals, including various bird species, sea creatures, reptiles and mammals. The green vegetative covering and availability of water in this type of climate makes it possible for wildlife to thrive.


Believe it or not, humans have only explored about 5% of the ocean. In fact, we know more about the surface of Mars, a planet millions of miles away, than we do about our very own seafloor. Despite how little we know, researchers have managed to stumble upon thousands of bizarre aquatic creatures th


Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms that live in saltwater or brackish bodies of water. Marine biologists study microscopic sea life, invertebrates, fish, sea birds and sea mammals, as well as reptiles, plants and algae. Marine biology is a vast area of study, and many scientists spe


The entire lifespan of a house fly is 14 days, and they only buzz in the key of F. Ostriches are even faster than horses.


Some cool animal facts include the fact that the cheetah can run as fast as 70 miles per hour, which is the speed assigned to most highways throughout the United States. In fact, cheetahs can reach the high speed as quickly as most cars can, which is within 3 seconds, according to the Cheetah Conser


Marine plywood is manufactured in a manner similar to traditional plywood and features water-resistant hardwood construction and strong waterproof adhesives not commonly found in regular plywood that make it safe for use on boats or in constructions that see regular exposure to the elements. Common


Uniforms of U.S. Marine Corps personnel are of three types: the service uniform, dress blues and field uniform. These classes are further divided into several sub-categories designed for specific occasions or fields of action. Marines don't wear berets and wear boots only with the utility or field u


The official seal of the Marine Corps has been in use since 1954 and features the official colors of both the Marine Corps and the Navy. It uses the Marine Corps emblem of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.


The Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act are examples of legislation in the United States that involve animal rights. In addition every state has laws on animal cruelty to protect animals from abuse and neglect.


When you swim your way through life's waters, which marine animal are you most like? Dive deep with us, and we'll tell you! ANIMALS 2 PLAYS By: Teresa McGlothlin 5 Min Quiz Have you ever wondered which marine animal you would be? If you have, we admire your imagination and your kindred spirit. If yo