The term fire ant refers to a number of species of stinging ants. Although the United States has several native species of fire ant, none of these are as aggressive and dangerous as the red imported fire ant, or RIFA, a ... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

Ants can hold objects that weigh more than 50 times their body mass with their jaws alone, have a mutual relationship with certain plants and take care of baby leafhoppers. Because some insects create sugary excretions c... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

Most ant species are smaller than a paperclip. They can carry more than three times their own body weight. Some species can live for several years, while others only live up to a couple of weeks. Ants live all over the w... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Not all ants can use acids, however, the species known as "crazy ants" are able to use acids to protect themselves from fire ants. They make the acid internally in the abdomen, and the acid is brought up through the mout... More »

Bull ants are a group of Australian ant species that grows up to 1.5 inches in length. They feed on plant fluids such as nectar and sometimes prey on animals. They live in large nests and attack intruders as a group usin... More »

Male ants die after mating with female ants and live no longer than a few weeks, while worker ants can live for anywhere from several months to a year. Queen ants may live for a few years and are responsible for keeping ... More »

An ant death spiral, also known as an ant mill, occurs when ants get separated from the rest of the foraging party and end up following the scent of the ants in front of them in an endless loop. Eventually, the ants beca... More »