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The most common crimes in the United States are larceny/theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault and robbery. Larceny/theft is the wrongful taking of goods from another and constitutes nearly 60 percent of crimes reported in the United States as of 2015,...


North America is the third largest continent and has a population of approximately 528 million, as of July 2015. The three major North American countries are Canada, the United States and Mexico. The five major geographic regions are the mountainous west, Great Plains, ...


According to Neighborhoodscout.com, an online crime statistics resource, East Saint Louis, IL is the most dangerous city in the United States thanks to its high rates of violent crimes and property theft. However, the FBI cautions agai


"Major Crimes" is about law enforcement officers and prosecutors working together on high-profile crimes. It follows Captain Sharon Raydor as she leads the Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.


The United States of America declared its independence from England on July 4, 1776. The country subsequently fought the British in a war for its independence until 1783. The British surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia, on October 19, 1781, effectively ending the war.


The world’s third-largest continent is North America; it covers more than 16 percent of the Earth’s land mass. North America is divided into different sections that include the United States in the center, Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. There are 24 indivi...


By size, South America is the fourth largest continent. It covers 12 percent of the land on Earth. South America is almost seven million square miles in land area.