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As of September 2014, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reports that the clothing of the Australian people is very diverse. Few places in Australia have a dress code, and there are no laws regarding clothing, official dress code or national dress.


The Australian mainland is a single country, officially the Commonwealth of Australia. Neighboring countries in Oceania include New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa.


Although Australian cuisine is very diverse and includes many dishes from different cultures, some familiar foods that are popular in Australia are Vegemite, Anzac biscuits, meat pies, chips and fish, fairy bread, grilled meats, Tim Tams and hamburgers with beetroot. Ve...


Australia is home, or the birth country, to many famous people, including the actresses Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Portia de Rossi and actors Hugh Jackman, Geoffrey Rush, Liam Helmsworth, Chris Hemsworth and Eric Bana. Famous Australian musicians include Keith Ur...


Australian shepherd puppies are intelligent and easy to train. They are an active breed and enjoy daily exercise. These puppies excel at agility courses, herding and obedience training.


Australian family structure may consist of couples living with or without children. According to the 2010 Measure of Australia's Progress from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2006-20007, the most common family type in the country was a couple with no children. T...


Australian arowanas come in pearl and spotted varieties and can grow up to 3 feet in length. Australian arowanas are bony fish that live in fresh water and are classified under the family Osteoglossidae.