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Architects are licensed professionals who design houses, office buildings and other structures, and they must have a bachelor's degree, design ability and computer skills to succeed in this profession. Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor put the median p...


"Prison Architect" is a simulation game in which players construct and manage a private prison stylistically similar to a U.S. facility. The architectural component derives from the requirement that players design all of the material aspects of the complex.


Earth is the only planet that has liquid water on its surface, it is 93 million miles from the sun, and the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest of the oceans. Earth is a unique planet in the solar system.


A couple of fun facts for kids about individual states include Alaska's status as the largest state in the nation, and Rhode Island's status as the smallest state. If placed on the continental United States, Alaska would encompass parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New M...


All fish are vertebrates, which means they have a backbone, and are cold-blooded, which means their internal temperature changes to match the temperature of their surroundings. There are 25,000 known species of fish, which is more than all the mammals, birds, reptiles a...


Important facts about Antoni Gaudi include that his most famous work is the basilica known as La Sagrada Família in Spain. Seven of his buildings, including the basiclica, can be found in Barcelona, Spain.


Some facts about the solar system for kids are that most of the solar system's mass sits in the sun. Planets Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn consist of gases. The solar system has a variety of components, including the sun, planets, dwarf planets, moons and asteroid...