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50 key facts about seas and oceans ABS CBN Interactive 8th June 2004 1. Oceans cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. 2. More than 90 percent of the planet’s living biomass is found in the oceans. 3. Eighty percent of all pollution in seas and oceans comes from land-based activities. 4.


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Marine Life Encyclopedia Explore the Marine Life Encyclopedia to learn fun facts and more about your favorite marine animals. From sharks and sea turtles to ecosystems and corals, you’re in the right place to take a deep dive into life under the sea.


Interesting Ocean Animals Facts: Approximately 72% of the surface of the planet is covered by salt water. It is believed that life in the ocean began approximately 3.1 to 3.4 billion years ago. It is believed that life on land began approximately 400 million years ago.


Yet life thrives there far more diverse and numerous than anywhere else on Earth. The extreme conditions of deep sea have led to extreme evolution and bizarre characteristics. Here are some facts about deep-sea creatures that illustrate the strangeness of life at extreme depths.


Sea turtles are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) but still illegally hunted in areas such as Costa Rica. Although many shark populations are threatened, illegal fishing still occurs, especially in areas where shark finning persists, such as in the Galapagos Islands.


Plastic Pollution Affects Sea Life Throughout the Ocean . Our ocean and the array of species that call it home are succumbing to the poison of plastic. Examples abound, from the gray whale that died after stranding near Seattle in 2010 with more than 20 plastic bags, a golf ball, and ...


11 facts you need to know The ocean is the origin and the engine of all life on this planet — and it is under threat. A big part of the problem: pollution. ... When dumped at sea in large amounts, agricultural nutrients such as nitrogen can stimulate the explosive growth of algae. When the algae decomposes, oxygen in the surrounding waters is ...


But these powerful expanses of sea are not invincible. Each year, human activity erodes marine life in some way. Overfishing is driving many fish populations to the brink of extinction, carbon emissions are acidifying the waters, making it hard for small sea animals to reproduce, rising global temperatures are cooking coral reefs alive.


There’s life in the Dead Sea and all around it, and quite an interesting life, too. If you’re a nature lover and would like to gain a better knowledge of Dead Sea animals, just open your eyes, look around you and go to where the animals are. This way you’ll have a ready answer for anyone who asks you what animals live in the Dead Sea.