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Eubacteria, also known simply as "bacteria," can be found in every habitat on Earth. These organisms are widely varied and very adaptable, causing many illnesses in humans but also carrying out many helpful processes as well.


Also known as true bacteria, eubacteria obtain energy from light and inorganic and organic chemicals. These bacteria reproduce asexually from spores that are resistant to dehydration and moist temperatures.


Eubacteria reproduce asexually through binary fusion. Binary fusion is a complete replication of the bacteria's genetic material that results in one parent cell dividing into two identical bacteria cells. It can occur rapidly at one split every 20 minutes, accounting for the amazing replicative abil


Eubacteria and archaebacteria have several key biological differences, primarily in the membrane and wall structure of their cells. Eubacteria and archaebacteria have similar general cell structures, but the composition and layout of those cellular components is remarkably different. Archae, like eu


The main characteristic of archaebacteria and eubacteria are that they are unicellular, or single-celled. Archaebacteria are only found in hot boiling water or other types of extreme environments, while eubacteria are found all over.


Eubacteria and archaebacteria have a wide variety of shapes. However, these cell types have no membrane-bound organelles, they do not organize their DNA into a nucleus, and they are contained by cell membranes protected by cell walls. Both are relatively simple in structure, so most of their differe


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This is a brief history of the Silla Kingdom in Korea, including information on the history and how it's still visible today. The Silla Kingdom was one of Korea's "Three Kingdoms," along with the Baekje Kingdom and Goguryeo. Silla was based in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula, while Baekje cont


Members of the Animalia Kingdom are living organisms which are divided into sub-groups. Members of the Animalia Kingdom include such diverse creatures as s Members of the Animalia Kingdom are living organisms which are divided into sub-groups. Members of the Animalia Kingdom include such diverse cre


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