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A factor tree is a diagram that shows the breakdown of a number into its prime factors. This diagram holds a pattern similar to a family tree, with a line between each factor and its factors.


Numbers that multiply to give you a larger number are called factors. Use a factor tree for an easy way to factor larger numbers.


A tree is a plant. Trees are perennial plants that use photosynthesis to make their own food like other plants. They have woody stems and trunks and tend to live for many years.


Lines connecting rectangles, photographs arranged on the wall and variations of foliage-themed artwork are ways to design a family tree. Those who are artistic or creative may design a family tree themselves, whereas tech-savvy individuals may use computer software to generate family tree designs.


One example of a family tree for kids is to draw a picture of a large tree with many branches on a section of construction paper or project board. Starting at the bottom branches, write down the names of the child's immediate family, one name per branch. Write the names of other family members such


Some examples of tree nuts include walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts. These are botanical nuts, which means that they're fruits made of a seed enclosed in a hard shell. The shell needs to be cracked to release them.


Examples of some of the most common deciduous trees are oak, maple, beech and sycamore. Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves annually.


One example of an outdoor tree house for kids is a simple house-like structure made of lightweight wood built directly into the branches of a tree. Another example is a play structure, complete with slide and sliding pole, that is partially attached to a tree for support.


Dwarf Korean Lilacs and Jack Dwarf Flowering Pears are great landscaping trees for tight spaces, suggests The Barn Nursery. The pink flowers of the Satomi and Heat Throb species of Kousa Dogwood trees add wonderful accents to a landscape. The Japanese Maple, a slow-growing dwarf tree, has various co


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