Facilities managers are responsible for managing the processes and services that support an organization’s core business, according to Prospects. They make sure that an organization has the most suitable working environm... More »

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FAQs about careers in facilities management typically focus on the general responsibilities of the job, the different aspects of its education and training and what companies hire for the position. FAQs about the functio... More »

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The facilities manager of a hotel is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the hotel. Duties of a facilities manager include providing janitorial services for the hotel, as well as overseeing hotel security. ... More »

Marketing managers are principally responsible for making the public aware of their company's products and services in order to get more potential customers. Product marketing managers, in particular, are involved in act... More »

A procurement manager is responsible for acquiring any services and products that a business needs at the precise time. The procurement manager is also tasked with ensuring that the business gets the best value for the i... More »

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A marketing manager seeks out new markets for products and services, oversees an organization's marketing budget, forecasts sales, and assists in the implementation of sales and promotional campaigns. Marketing managers ... More »

Functional managers generally have technical expertise and oversee the day-to-day operations of an organizational unit within a company, such as a division, department or section. The duties of a functional manager are o... More »