While many popular methods used to stimulate facial hair growth do not provide results, a hair transplant is one option for men who want to grow a beard. The process involves removing hair follicles from the back of the ... More »

How fast facial hair grows is determined largely by genetics, hormones and lifestyle activities. There are a few things men can do to stimulate hair growth, but there is no way to change genetics that may cause little to... More »

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There are several ways of stimulating the growth of facial hair and these include improving and changing grooming habits, taking supplements, applying creams and steroid therapy. Taking on a healthier lifestyle can also ... More »

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The speed at which a man's facial hair grows is generally determined by genetics, with most men beginning to grow facial hair during puberty and continuing to grow it thicker and fuller as they age. Still, it is thought ... More »

To make a beard grow faster, it is necessary to keep the facial hair clean, massage the face to stimulate hair follicles and follow a regular schedule when shaving. It is also possible to enhance hair growth on the face ... More »

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Men can soften facial hair with beard oil, beard balm or conditioner. Conditioners are designed to wash out in the shower, whereas oils and balms are designed as leave-in treatments. More »

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A combination of facial care methods and natural remedies are the most effective ways to stimulate beard growth. Many men experience faster hair growth by shaving their face regularly, and this method often stimulates fa... More »