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A facet joint, also called a zygapophysial joint, is a joint connecting one vertebra and another. There are four facet joints at the back of a vertebra, and they're found on the extensions of the bone. These joints don't allow freedom of movement so much as they restrict movement; because of this, t


Facet joints safely guide and control the movement of spinal bones. They provide stability to the spinal column whilst allowing movement. They are hinge-like, connect vertebrae and are found at the back of the spine.


A facet injection is an injection used to relieve swelling and inflammation of the facet joints, according to OhioHealth MedCentral Hospitals. Facet joints are the joints located between the vertebrae, the small bones in the spine.


Common symptoms of facet joint pain include difficulty in bending and twisting the spine, pain, numbness and muscle weakness, explains All About Back & Neck Pain. Another name for facet joint pain is facet joint disease, facet joint syndrome or facet joint sprain, states PhysioWorks.


Doctors give facet joint injections by using a needle to put steroid medication directly into the spine's facet joint, according to Interventional Spine & Pain. Fluoroscopy, a type of medical imaging, is used to locate the joint and determine where to put the needle. Typically, patients receive loca


Common causes of facet joint syndrome include genetics, aging, general wear and tear, a weak immune system and traumatic bone fractures. Other causes are obesity, improper lifting and poor resting positions, according to the Laser Spine Institute.


Some possible side effects of facet joint injection are discomfort at the site of the injection or a short-lived increase in the pain symptoms being treated, according to Spine-health. Mild Infections at the injection site occur in less than 2 percent of patients, and severe infections are significa


Complications of facet joint injections are generally rare but may include allergic reactions, bleeding, infection and pain, confirms Spine-Health. Damage to the nerve or spinal cord and paralysis are also possible.


As of 2015, insurance generally covers the cost of facet joint injections when they are considered medically necessary, states The Pain Center of FirstChoice Healthcare. Doctors' offices can confirm coverage with the insurance carrier before the procedure, notify patients of any amounts not covered


Radiofrequency facet joint denervation is a minimally invasive procedure for central neck or back pain stemming from the facet joints, explains Oregon Health & Science University. While joint damage commonly arises from inflammatory diseases and injury or accident, aging and normal activity may also