A triangular pyramid has three lateral faces and a triangular base. The construction of a pyramid requires a polygonal base with triangular lateral faces that meet at a common vertex. More »

The Egyptian pyramids are all square-based pyramids, having four sides. Thus, they cannot face in one particular direction; their four faces point in four different directions. More »

A hexagonal pyramid has seven faces. A pyramid is defined as a solid having a polygonal base and triangular sides that meet in a point. More »

A triangular pyramid is a pyramid that has a triangular base. In total it consists of four faces, all of which are triangles. While all the side triangles must be of the same size, the base may or may be the same size as... More »

A rectangular pyramid is a pyramid that has a rectangle as the base and the rest of the faces are composed of triangles. A pyramid is named based on the shape of the base of the pyramid. More »

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A pyramid refers to a polyhedron created by joining a polygonal base to triangular lateral faces. There are several types of pyramids, and each is named after the shape of its base. For example, a square pyramid has a sq... More »

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A pentagonal prism has five lateral faces and two pentagonal bases, which equal seven faces. A prism has two congruent polygons that form the top and bottom of the shape. These polygons are referred to as bases. The rema... More »