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Shrinkage Test of Fabric Shrinkage: Shrinkage is the process in which a fabric becomes smaller than its original size, usually through the process of laundry. Cotton fabric suffers from two main disadvantages of shrinking and creasing during subsequent washing.


Shrinkage rate refers to the percentage that fabrics’ size presents shrink when washed or soaked, which is also an indicator of measuring the degree of fabric shrinkage. The level of fabric shrinkage rate is one of the criteria to measure product quality. The commonly used shrinkage rate test methods are mainly mechanical shrinkage method and ...


Ex: If the fabric measures 12 1/4 inches after wash, the difference is 2/8 or 2% shrinkage, calculated as .250/12.5=0.02 x 100 = 2%; Because each 1/8″ less in line length equals one percent of fabric shrinkage, the lines are drawn (pre-wash) to the specific length of 12.5″ to make math calculations unnecessary.


Generally, fabrics with a natural fiber content, such as cotton, tend to be more susceptible to the shrinkage process than synthetics; so it is important to take this factor into account when studying a fabrics shrinkage habits. Shrink test. Follow these steps to test a fabric’s shrinkage properties, and to see how it reacts to water and heat ...


First, Let's talk about what causes shrinkage on fabrics. Shrinkage on fabric is mainly due to yarn swelling and the result crimp increase during washing in the case of cotton fabrics. Yarn swelling percentage is more in polyester cotton blending yarn. There are different types of shrinkage that make a fabric shrink am


The textile fabric has a common feature that it shrinks in wet processing. Shrinkage means the length of the fabric gets shorten after wash. So prior to cutting fabric for bulk production, you must check its shrinkage percentage in washing. The shrinkage percentage needed to add to the production pattern.


Fabric shrinkage is a phenomenon that occurs when fabric is exposed to heat and/or steam. I have seen it wreak havoc with designers that are unaware of its costly repercussions. Imagine you have invested all of your time and money developing your styles, your sizing and grading.


Shrinkage is a change in dimensions across the length and width of the fabric after washing, usage and when exposed to relaxing of fabrics. Mainly shrinkage is of two types one is minus shrinkage and other is plus shrinkage. Skew (twisting of the vertical grains) is also observed along with shrinkage.


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