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Do you suffer from food addiction? This website will introduce you to Food Addicts Anonymous (a.k.a. FAA) and offer a program of recovery. The "About Us" will help to determine whether or not you are a food addict and get you started using the "Tools of Recovery" for food addiction.


Help for Food Obsession and Addiction. Food addiction can take many forms. Symptoms include obesity, anorexia, and bulimia. People often think of the term "eating disorders" when describing the disease of food addiction. Food addicts are obsessed with food, body size, and weight.


How to find a meeting near me with Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. Helpful look up app to locate an FA meeting you can attend.


A 12-step program based on the idea that food addiction is a serious disorder, Food Addicts Anonymous aims to change the way you think about food so you can make lifelong eating changes. The organization claims that by building your meals around nutritious foods and proper serving sizes, you can overcome an addiction to unhealthy junk foods.


Embracing the FA Program in its Entirety Put Paula on the Road to Recovery. When Paula walked into a Food Addicts meeting four months ago, it was not her first experience with the organization. Ten years ago, she had attended a few Food Addicts meetings, had a sponsor, and a food plan, but did not fully commit to the program.


This food plan is designed for adults. For children who need to address food addiction, we recommend that your pediatrician evaluate this food plan to determine your child's needs. Clear soup is permitted before lunch OR dinner. Because of our carbohydrate sensitivity, we totally eliminate all artificial sweeteners, including "sugar-free" sodas.


After attending various 12-step program meetings, she eventually settled on Food Addicts Anonymous, or FAA—a group that's separate from FA, but that also encourages members to accept that they ...


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a program of recovery based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. FA members are men and women of all ages. Some have been obese; others have been severely underweight, bulimic, or so obsessed with food or weight that normal life was difficult or impossible.


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a free Twelve Step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating or bulimia. Meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, 5376 State Street, in Saginaw. ...


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous - Rockford IL. 234 likes. FA is a fellowship of people whose obsession with eating interfered with their lives. We...