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Ezekiel bread derives its name from Ezekiel 4:9 when God instructed Ezekiel to fast by only eating bread made from wheat, barley, beans, lentils, and millet. Ezekiel bread is very filling and perfect for fasting, losing weight, snacking, or breakfast. If you have a young (or old) picky eater in the house, this is an excellent bread to have around.


"This is the bread that Ezekiel lived off of while he was in the desert for two years. It is supposed to be nutritionally complete. The recipe calls for grinding your own flour from a variety of grains and dried beans."


The alternative to most sugar producing breads is yeast free bread. There are many delicious yeast free breads that are specially manufactured to meet the needs of those following a Candida diet. Because there is no yeast, you avoid the sugar issues. Furthermore, you can eat yeast free bread and not suffer the side effects of Candida.


In the morning, your sprouted whole grains/legumes will be ready for use in one of the healthiest bread recipes available. How to Make Ezekiel Bread. Ezekiel bread is available for purchase in grocery stores, but if you’re interested in going the homemade route then here’s the way to do it.


Storing the bread: Because this Ezekiel bread recipe has no preservatives in it and sprouted flour is prone to growing mold over time, it’s recommended to freeze your bread within 2–3 days of making it. You can also try making sprouted bread (or muffins, cookies, etc.) in bulk and freezing them for later.


This is my original recipe, developed after researching other existing recipes and the description of the bread ingredients given in the Bible’s book of Ezekiel. I make this in a bread machine (cycle includes 18 minutes mix/knead, 20 minute rest, 18 minutes mix/knead).


Note that the cinnamon raisin version of Ezekiel 4:9 bread is higher in carbs (18 g, or 6 percent of your daily carb needs per slice) and sugar (5 g per slice) than the other types of Ezekiel bread. Fats in Ezekiel Bread. With no added fat, Ezekiel 4:9 bread has only the fat that occurs naturally in the grains and legumes used to make it.


The beans in the bread have been said to make it a cleansing dish, but if you are less interested in an intestinal cleaning, you can substitute a number of alternative ingredients so that the bread is more to your liking. Let’s get started with the basic recipe for Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel Bread Recipe Ingredients. 2 packets of active, dry yeast


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