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To buy transponders for California Route 73 toll roads, visit TheTollRoads.com to open a FasTrak account online, drop into the Irvine or San Clemente customer service center, or call the customer service call center. Alternatively, download, complete and mail an account application form to the Irvin


To order a free SunPass transponder, visit the SunPass Tag Swap website or call the toll-free Tag Swap number. Free SunPass toll payment transponders are available to existing SunPass users as part of the Transponder Replacement Program. Those eligible for a free transponder who wish to continue usi


To activate a SunPass transponder, log in to your SunPass account at SunPass.com, click on the transponders menu on the dashboard, and click Activate New Transponders. Type your transponder number twice, then enter your payment information. Load your account with at least $10 to activate the transpo


DMV Locations Selling E-ZPass Transponders. The E-ZPass On-the-Go kit can be purchased at many DMV customer service centers and DMV Select partners. Refer to the lists below to find the location closest to you. To find out more about E-ZPass On-the-Go kits and transponder types, refer to E-ZPass at DMV. DMV Customer Service Centers


The E-ZPass On-the-Go kit costs $35 and contains an E-ZPass transponder pre-loaded with $15 that can be used immediately on toll roads in Virginia. Retail transponders can be used immediately in Virginia but should be registered as soon as possible to enable use out-of-state and to claim the remaining $20 balance.


Return to top of page. What if my E-ZPass transponder fails to work? Call the E-ZPass Customer Service Center as soon as possible. Return to top of page. I don’t own a vehicle. Can I still get E-ZPass? Yes. If you do not own a vehicle, you can still enroll in E-ZPass.


West Virginia’s E-ZPass system has a single fee discount for E-ZPass customers of one $25 fee for one year of unlimited travel and a one-time fee of $13 for the transponder. The other type of account option lets you pay a $10 deposit and a $5 yearly annual fee, and auto-replenishes at a balance of $10.


After the transponder and your form are received and processed, E-ZPass will refund your remaining account balance to the debit or credit card on file. Keeping Tabs on Future Transactions Without an E-ZPass account, your business will need to pay toll fees on a per trip basis on any future journeys.


E-ZPass notified us by mail after my car got three unpaid toll charges, so I called and found out the transponders have a limited battery life. My transponder was 13 years old. We have used it on ...


The replacement Tag kit will contain a letter listing the Tag(s) to be returned, instructions for returning the Tag(s), the replacement Tag(s), and a prepaid return envelope to be used for returning the requested Tag(s) back to the E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center within 15 days of receipt of the new Tag(s).