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Common eye exams include an eye muscle test, refraction assessment, perimetry, glaucoma screening and visual acuity test, reports Mayo Clinic. Other eye exams include color vision testing, retina examination and slit-lamp examination.


The best place to get an eye exam is at an ophthalmologist's office, according to WebMD. Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that can treat every possible eye disease, perform eye surgery and also provide eyeglasses fittings and contact lenses to patients, reports Eye Care America.


An online eye exam is not as effective as an in-person comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist, explains the American Optometric Association. This is because online eye exams focus on refraction only and do not critically examine the patient's eye to identify other health issues that could caus


It is possible to take an eye exam online through a vision website to receive a general diagnosis, notes Zeiss.com. Sites such as Essilor.com and Opternative.com help give patients an idea of whether or not they need to visit the doctor for a more thorough exam.


Vision USA and The Lions Club offer free eye exams or financial assistance to cover the cost of eye exams to qualifying low-income adults. EyeCare America offers free eye exams to senior citizens not otherwise covered. New Eyes, a non-profit organization, provides vouchers to qualifying individuals


In the United States, the cost of an eye exam ranges from $50 to $100 or more, and costs depend on where the exam is given and the type of tests involved. A basic eye examination involves providing personal history related to eye problems, reading an eye chart and being tested for nearsightedness an


Although virtual exams differ by company, Opternative requires the patient to calibrate his computer screen by determining a scale, using a credit card, for example, as a size reference, according to PSFK. Patients stand or sit a certain distance from the screen and answer a series of questions. Pat


The Tumbling E and Snellen eye charts are the most widely used eye exam charts. Other less common eye charts include Landolt C, logMAR, Rosenbaum table, Lea Test and Golovin-Sivstev table.


Eye exam charts, or Snellen eye charts, are available online at the websites of Vision Source or Disabled World. Vision Source has one eye chart available for print, whereas Disabled World has four printable eye charts.


As of 2013, the cost of an eye exam without insurance costs around $50 dollars at an eyewear retailer, according to All About Vision. For a private eye doctor's office, this fee balloons to upwards of $100 dollars. These prices vary greatly from patient to patient.