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He is encouraged to take part in activities so that it will benefit him in other areas of his life. One area that an. The Effect of Extracurricular Activities on ...


Extracurricular activities have many positive effects on education. The positive effects that extracurricular activities have on students are behavior, better grades, school completion, positive aspects to become successful adults, and a social aspect. Extracurricular activities began in the United States in the 19th century. At first they were ...


4. The views of extracurricular activities of various countries and their levels of academic performance should be compared to those of the United States. 5. The effects of interscholastic extracurricular activities on academic performance should be compared to the effects of extracurricular activities outside of school. 6.


The students who actively participate in extracurricular activities get a lot of benefits including higher grades, and test scores, higher educational achievements, more regularity in class ...


Extracurricular activities and their effect on the student’s grade point average: Statistical study R. A. Bakoban and S. A. Aljarallah Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, Faisaliah Campus, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Received 18 August, 2015; Accepted 14 October, 2015




(1) Extracurricular activity participation will have a positive effect on student grade point average and increase the likelihood of students persisting to graduation. (2) Students not involved in an MTSU Horse Science ECA will be less likely to persist to graduation. (3) Students involved in an ECA will be more likely to identify with a peer group


How Extracurricular Activities Affect Grades. There are many variables that can influence a student's academic performance in school. Good study habits, recreational reading, and whether or not the student ate breakfast that morning are all examples. Another very important factor is the student’s participation in extracurricular activities.


Extracurricular activities give you something fun to do aside from school. It also gives you the chance to explore you're passions to discover things you may be interested beyond academics while taking some time off hitting the book. Take the much needed break, you deserve it! 6. Essential Life Skills. On top of all of the benefits of ...


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