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To remove a Sharpie stain, wet the stain, and use a stain remover-soaked paper towel to rub the stain out. You need water, paper towels, and either hairspray, rubbing alcohol or milk.


To get Sharpie off of plastic, draw over the markings with a dry-erase marker, and then wipe the area with a paper towel. You need a dry-erase marker and a paper towel. The procedure takes no longer than one minute.


Applying hairspray, rubbing alcohol or milk is an effective method of removing permanent marker stains from clothing. To obtain the maximum effectiveness for any of these methods, treat the stain as quickly as possible.


Remove Sharpie marks from skin by soaking cotton balls in baby oil, rubbing the cotton balls on the marks, and then washing the marked area with soap and water. Repeat the process as necessary to remove the marks completely. Dark marks sometimes take three or four repet...


Neon Sharpies are permanent markers trademarked by Sharpie and produced in neon shades. Although Sharpies are available in a variety of colors, the neon selections are bright shades of pastel colors, such as yellow, pink, orange, green and purple.


Many common household products can remove Sharpie marker from the skin. Try nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. For sensitive skin, try hand lotion, petroleum jelly or cooking oil. More abrasive remedies include sugar, salt and exfoliating soap.


Sharpie markers can be used to create fun and inventive nail art. To adorn nails with Sharpie designs, you need Sharpie markers, nail polish and top coat.