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One way to receive temporary financial help is to apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, according to About.com. Individuals may apply for TANF online or in person at the local Department of Health and Human Services.


The easiest way to factor an algebraic expression is to find the greatest common factor, or GCF, and reduce. Factoring is the process of finding what equivalent terms can be multiplied together to find the original expression.


Some temporary staffing agencies are Adecco, Kelly Services and Manpower. These agencies supply companies with temporary or contract workers, temporary to full-time hires, and direct placements.


Temporary homes for dogs include shelters, kennels and boarding houses. Which option is suitable will depend on whether or not the dog has a current owner.


Three ways to find temporary apartments are to look at ads, to check posts on college housing bulletin boards and to check apartment guides. Another way is to contact companies that offer corporate stay apartments and hotel suites.


Ways to turn a temporary position into a permanent position include utilizing professional contacts, remaining flexible, having the right higher education and becoming an asset to the company. An employer might be open to offering a temporary employee a permanent position if the employee works well


State and federal laws give temporary employees some of the same rights as other employees, including protection against discrimination. CBS News reminds temps that while on lease, they are employees of the agency. Discrimination is illegal, so companies cannot hire only select individuals, such as


Temporary job agencies connect employers looking to fill a position on a short term basis with employees who are seeking short term employment. Employees are sometimes offered a long term job based on their short term performance.


Accepting a temporary employment position helps an employee be noticed by a company, while demonstrating her skill set. A temporary appointment may become a full-time position if the employee becomes an invaluable asset to the team. Most temporary job positions are contractual for a month, three mon


Temporary memory in a computer refers to the volatile memory that is stored by a random access memory (RAM) chip. As the name ‘temporary’ suggests, the memory does not store data for long. When the computer is shut down before saving the data, the data will be lost. Therefore, users need to save dat