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Western Union ® Money Orders. When you need a reliable, convenient way to pay bills, make purchases, give a gift, or for times when cash and checks aren't accepted, choose Western Union for a money order.


Find a Western Union Location ... Do money orders have an expiration date? 28-Jul-2017 • FAQ. Information. Answer. No. However, depending upon the state of purchase, if you do not use or cash the money order within one to three years of the purchase date, a non-refundable service charge will be deducted from the principal amount. ...


The length of time they’re good for depends on the type of money order. A USPS money order never expires, a Western Union money order expires a year after the issue date, a bank-issued money order typically expires after 90 days, and MoneyGram doesn’t specify an expiration date for their money orders.


Money orders issued by some banks and financial institutions do not have an expiration date. For example, Western Union states that money orders it issues do not expire. Likewise, Fidelity Express states that there is no expiration date on money orders issued under its name.


The financial services company, Western Union, says its money orders never expire. However, some states do allow the company to charge a service fee for redeeming a money order from one to three years after you buy one. This means the company or person to whom you send the money order would not be able to cash it for the full amount.


Money orders do not expire, according to Western Union and MoneyGram. However, the issuers may charge a service fee if the money order is not cashed within one to three years of purchase, depending on state laws.


A money order is one method of sending a prepaid amount of money and is especially useful if you don't have a bank account. Technically, they don't expire. However, some issuers have to follow regulations or policies that could alter the value of the money order if it isn't used within a specified period.


Western Union takes six to eight weeks (longer end of the spectrum is for those without a receipt) to process requests. In Summary. Now you know can you refund a money order of each type. Refunding money orders is a bit of a dance and often a bit of a wait, too.


Western Union does not control the mailing process and it may take an additional 10-15 days. We cannot verify if a customer is the true purchaser when you call Customer Care. This purchase agreement is stated on the money order receipt. If the money order has been cashed, a photocopy will be mailed to you only when the processing fee is received.


Money orders do not typically have an expiration date. However, a non-refundable service charge is deducted from the principal amount if the money order is not used within 1 to 3 years of the purchase date.