The experimental group in any controlled science experiment is the group exposed to the variable being tested. This is different than the control group, which is not exposed to the variable. In an experiment for a vaccin... More »

An experimental variable is something that a scientist changes during the course of an experiment. It is distinguished from a controlled variable, which could theoretically change, but the scientists keep constant. More »

A dependent variable in biology is an element that is being tested. It relies on the independent variable, or that aspect of the experiment that the scientist has control over and changes to observe the results on the de... More »

In biology experiments, a control group is a group of subjects that are not given the treatment being tested in order to serve as a benchmark for the tested group. The presence of a control group helps scientists rule ou... More »

In biology, a community is a group or collection of organisms that live together in the same location and interact with each other. Communities can be defined by either the dominant species within the community or the en... More »

A potato can be grown for a science experiment by putting the end of a sprouted potato into a glass of water and waiting for it to grow. It takes a few weeks for a potato to completely sprout in this way. More »

Common questions on biology exams ask students about cell shape and function; bacteria identification, bacterial growth characteristics and identification; viruses; and DNA sequencing, mutation and repair. Other common q... More » Science Biology