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To create a spreadsheet, open Excel and begin entering information into the cells. Save the spreadsheet to the hard drive by clicking File and Save. In Excel, every column has a capital letter at the top, and each row has a number on the left. These are combined to reference specific cells, for exam


Creating a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel takes only a matter of moments. If the user already has a workbook up and running in Excel, press shift+F11 to create a new spreadsheet for that workbook.


There are several websites that offer free Excel personal expense templates, including Vertex42, which provides monthly and yearly organizational options. These downloadable templates can be used to track household expenses and other costs; there are simple templates as well as detailed choices with


To customize an accounting spreadsheet template, change the template's font, background shading and layout. You should also add the specific business name and the accounting period on each template.


A great resource to learn Excel and other Microsoft Office programs is available at GCFLearnFree.org. That site offers complete tutorials for beginners, including written, video and interactive instruction modules. Another useful Excel tutorial site is at Chandoo.org, where users can find over 500 t


Create an expense report spreadsheet by opening a blank sheet and entering in the appropriate dates into the first row of cells and the types of expenses in the first column of cells. Match the rows and columns to fill in the expense values or create formulas to calculate data.


Adding hyperlinks, the formula bar, alignment, conditional format viewing and GoTo are functions of an online Excel spreadsheet. Other functions include auto complete, auto sum, comment creation, copy and paste and drag and drop cells.


Free spreadsheet templates are available at Spreadsheet123.com. The homepage lists New Templates that have been uploaded to the site.Search for a specific spreadsheet or browse spreadsheets by category. Click a spreadsheet title to see a sample of the spreadsheet, and click the download button next


Good household budget spreadsheet templates for Excel and most Open Office users include the Super Starter Budget from Savvy Spreadsheets, PearBudget, and the personal budget spreadsheet from Bank of America. Google Docs users can download templates such as Simple Budget and Best Personal Budget Pla


One way to get free Excel templates is to download them from the Excel templates Web page of the website Vertex42.com. Another website that offers free Excel templates is Spreadsheet123.