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Expanded notation is a method of writing numbers using the distributive property. Expanded notation begins as early as 1st grade. As students progress through school, expanded notation may be represented in different ways. In 4th grade, the number 4,376 may first be expanded to 4,000 + 300 + 70 + 6.


Write 287 in expanded form. Write 300 + 20 + 8 in standard (regular) form. e) Give students slates and markers: Students practice writing numbers in expanded form and standard form. Write 20 + 4 in standard form. [24] Write 56 in expanded form.


The expanded notation method for division is just a repetition of dividing, multiplying, and subtracting for each number in the dividend. Using expanded notation in long division shows place value ...


STEPS: 1. Determine the a, b and c- values 2. Make a list of the factors of the c-value 3. Determine which set of factors has a sum that is the same as the b-value.


In discussion of place value, expanded form is when a number is broken down into each place value with an addition sign placed between each number. For example, 356 would be 300+50+6 in expanded form. When an expression is factored, it changes the expression into expanded form. x 2-4 would factor into the expanded form of (x-2)(x+2). The ...


To show the place values of the digits in a number, we can write the number with expanded notation. Example: Write 62,502 in expanded notation. Solution: 62,502 = 60,000 + 2,000 + 500 + 2 . Write the ten thousands: 60,000 as 6 × 10,000 Write the thousands: 2,000 as 2 × 1,000 Write the hundreds: 500 as 5 × 100 Write the tens: 0 as 0 × 10


Tell them that this is called “expanded notation” or "expanded form". The term “expanded” should make sense to many students because we are taking a number and expanding it into its parts. After doing a few examples at the front of the class, have the students begin writing the expanded notation down as you invite students up to the board.


So you could consider this expanded form, or you could use this version of it, or you could say this the same thing as 1 times 10,000, depending on what people consider to be expanded form-- plus 4 times 1,000 plus 8 times 100 plus 9 times 10 plus 7 times 1. I'll scroll to the right a little bit. So either of these could be considered expanded ...


Fun Math Game - Place Value Walk the plank game. This is a fun math game on place value. The player answers the questions to push the teacher into the ocean