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A calorie calculator is a tool used to specify the amount of daily calories someone needs. The calorie calculator is most often used to prevent weight gain or to simply maintain a current weight, as stated by Mayo Clinic.


MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople are both free online calorie calculators. These popular websites allow you to look-up nutritional information, including calorie counts, for millions of various food and beverages items. You may also receive customized nutritional information by inputting your favorite r


A food calorie counter works by logging the number of calories in servings of different foods, thereby helping you calculate your overall calorie intake over a period of time. Free online calorie counters are available on WebMD.com and FitWatch.com.


HealthStatus.com offers a calories burned calendar that asks for specific, detailed information from users before giving output. MyFitnessPal.com features a calories burned calculator that is much more simple.


Some online food calorie counters are MyFitnessPal and My Calorie Counter. Both of these counters are free to use online and with the mobile app.


Calculate the calories you consume daily by measuring portions, reading labels and adding it all together. The amount of calories you need varies by your age, height, weight and nutritional needs.


Cardiovascular exercises that raise your heart rate, including running, inline skating and jumping rope, burn calories. Hula hooping, playing tennis and vigorous walking also burn a lot of calories. At the gym, some of the best machines for a cardiovascular workout that burns calories are the treadm


The number of calories burned during exercise varies widely, from 204 while walking to 219 while bowling and even as high as 1,286 per hour for jumping rope or running eight mph, according to Mayo Clinic. The calorie burn also depends on the size/weight of the person who is exercising.


The Mayo Clinic provides a chart showing the number of calories burned during various types of exercise. The chart shows the number of calories that a person weighing 160, 200 or 240 pounds burns during each hour of exercise.


Calorie calculators help determine how many calories a person should consume per day and are available on reputable websites such as the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic. Healthy caloric intake is determined by age, height, weight and gender. Physical activity level may also be used in