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Excretory System 1. T- 1-855-694-8886Email- info@iTutor.comBy iTutor.com 2. The human excretory system functions to remove wastefrom the human body. During this process animals get rid of nitrogenous wasteproducts of metabolism, including ammonia, urea, anduric acid. Although excretory systems are diverse, nearly all produceuri


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Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. The Urinary and Excretory System. Excretory System in Humans. Parts of the Urinary and Excretory Systems. General Introduction to the Urinary and Excretory System. Excretory System and Reproductive Systems. Excretory System: Kidneys, Bladder, and More. Structure and Function of the Excretory system. The ...


The two kidneys are located near the spine in the middle of the back. ... would not take long before the body's system would be poisoned by its own waste. ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 12c9cd-NTIyY


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The Human Excretory System 1. Module One: Life Processes in Plants and Animals Paper One 2. • Homeostasis is the process of maintaining the ideal internal conditions (i.e. correct temperature, right amount of water and glucose & other solutes) for the body to work at it’s optimum.•

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EXCRETORY SYSTEM contd. Urine is formed by more than one million nephrons in each kidney which not only serves to rid the body of nitrogenous wastes, but also to regulate the water content, the salt levels, and the pH of the blood. USE pp. 243 & 244 of the lab manual. EXCRETORY SYSTEM CONTD.


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Human Excretory System - authorSTREAM Presentation. Structure of nephron- : Structure of nephron- There are more than a million nephrons in each kidney.Each nephron consists of cup like structure called Bowman’s capsule and long tubular structure.Bowman’s capsule lies in cortex part while urinary tubules lies in medullar part.Inside Bowman’s capsule lies network of capillaries called ...