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Diagrams/Parts of the Excretory System. Image A. Skin- this organ is part of both the excretory system and the integumentary system to produce sweat. The sweat takes out the dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores to keep the skin healthy.


Urinary System Quizzes & Labeled Diagrams. The urinary system is a remarkably efficient machine, responsible for the production, transport, storage and excretion of urine - not to mention its role in filtering the blood, maintaining blood volume, blood pressure, blood pH and electrolyte balance. Phew.


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(a) Draw a diagram of human excretory system and label the following (i) part in which urine is produced (ii) part which stores the urine (iii) part which connects (i) and (ii)


Review the structure and function of the excretory system with this science printable. Students will label organs in a diagram of the human body, and will correct false statements about waste and excretion. An answer key is provided.


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The excretory system in human beings includes a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, a urinary bladder, and a urethra. This is also known as the urinary system. *The kidneys are located in the abdomen, one on either side of the backbone.


The excretory system of the human body mainly refers to the urinary system. The main organ involved in this is the kidneys Excretion is one of the most necessary and unavoidable processes for most living beings.


Name the excretory unit of a kidney. Where is urine carried through the ureters? Explain excretory system of human beings. State the vital functions of the human kidney. How many nephrons are present in each kidney? Draw and label the parts of the human excretory system. Explain internal structure of kidney by drawing a well labeled diagram.


Urinary System Anatomy Kidneys. The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs found along the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity. The left kidney is located slightly higher than the right kidney because the right side of the liver is much larger than the left side.